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Defence Industry Insights webinar series launched

The CDIC launched its online presence on 9 June with its first webinar series - Defence Industry Insights. Designed to provide current and practical information on a range of topics to assist SMEs on their journey through the Defence marketplace, these monthly webinar events will be accessible to a wide audience. The Defence Industry Insights program includes:

  • Grant Opportunities – providing an overview of available grants and how to write persuasive applications.
  • Growing Your Business in the Defence Marketplace – profiles the Defence marketplace and identifies opportunities to grow your business.
  • Developing a Successful Tender – examines the Defence procurement process and provides practical tips on navigating the Defence tendering process.

Each webinar event is designed to provide a useful overview of the topic matter, then explore some of the lesser known facts by introducing subject matter specialists. The online session then concludes with a participant Q&A segment with participation by all presenters. To ensure participants are given maximum opportunity to engage with presenters, numbers are strictly limited for each event.

If you miss a place, or wish to review an event you attended, the CDIC will provide access to a video recording of each webinar, along with printable material.

You can now view the first of the Defence Industry Insights webinar series on Grant Applications.

Who’s participating in our webinars?

The profile of participants who attended the first Defence Industry Insights webinar was broad and identified as:

  • 17 per cent being new to defence industry
  • 43 per cent with some experience of defence industry
  • 32 per cent as being mature in the defence marketplace
  • 8 per cent from other organisations.

The CDIC was pleased to find that approximately 32 per cent of participants were based in regional areas, some of whom provided positive comments on not having to travel in order to take part in the events.

How did participants value the first webinar?

Data captured across our first two webinars on the topic of Grant Applications, showed a high level of engagement and satisfaction from almost 200 participants.

The majority of participants stated that the webinar provided a better understanding of the grants themselves, as well as a clearer picture on the eligibility criteria.

More than 55 questions were put to the panel over the two webinars and overall feedback was overwhelmingly positive with:

  • 82 per cent of participants rated the webinar quality as being 4/5 or higher,
  • 94 per cent found the webinar to be valuable to their business needs.

Some of the stand out comments from participants included:

  • “The webinar was an excellent source of information – especially the scenarios that were given.”
  • “I found that the examples of meeting the criteria very helpful.”
  • “The webinar was professional in its presentation and each grant opportunity was thoroughly explained with do's and don'ts to help people like myself.”
  • “The information the webinar gave was perfect for our requirements.”

Find out more about CDIC's Defence Industry Insights upcoming webinars.

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