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AFWERX in the United States of America has recently launched two challenges to industry for ideas and solutions to strengthen the US Air Force. The challenges are open to Australian industry to submit proposals.

USAF new helmet system open challenge

The US Air Force has allocated up to USD$20 million to redesign and replace the fixed wing (plane) helmet used by pilots and aircrew. The challenge is a new initiative for the US Air Force and uses the AFWERX team and process to find people with the ideas, components, materials and technologies to improve the fixed wing aircrew helmet. The helmet of tomorrow needs to be lightweight, comfortable, stable, and have improved noise protection, better thermal management and the ability to be tailored for different needs. The challenge is open until 8 October 2018.

Pilot Training Next v2.0 challenge

This challenge is to train the next generation of US Air Force pilots with emerging technologies and learning methods. The aim is to see who can assist in providing new ideas and improvements to the ‘Pilot Training Next’ v2.0 program, which will begin in January 2019. The goal is to leverage next generation technology, along with an individualised training flow, to increase the rate and quality of learning for student pilots in the T-6 Texan. The challenge is open until 5 October 2018.