Concept for Future Logistics 2040

The Force Exploration Hub (FE Hub) is seeking input and collaboration with industry and academia to understand how logistics support can best be provided in the future. This concept will address the question:

‘How do the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) logistics functions create advantage in the future, and how can the ADF work with coalition and industry partners to counter potential threats?’

What is the FE Hub?

The FE Hub is a virtual organisation within Force Design Division (part of ADF Headquarters) that brings together a diverse range of subject matter experts to develop the ideas and evidence for change that will help position the future force for success.

What is the Concept for Future Logistics 2040 looking for?

The Concept for Future Logistics 2040 is interested in:

  • information on technological evolutions in fields such as manufacturing, distribution and maintenance that will provide an opportunity (or a threat) to the ADF’s logistic capabilities
  • advice and assessments on how Defence’s logistics process can be improved
  • industry perspectives on potential sources of risk and opportunities to develop innovative mitigation strategies to help deliver actionable outcomes. These include:
    • data sharing and security
    • reliance on overseas suppliers (including levels of supply chain illumination and visibility)

FE Hub supporting collaboration

Early and regular collaboration can support a shared understanding of respective needs and expectations between the ADF and industry partners. As part of this, the Concept for Future Logistics 2040 will develop considerations that can shape how the ADF works with industry to provide logistic effects and develop capabilities in the future.

How do I get involved?

Interested individuals and organisations are invited to contact to gain additional information (such as the terms of reference) and to register your Expression of Interest to contribute.

Expressions of interest close on the 15th of May 2020.