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If you make changes to your business such as your business structure, name, or contact details, you need to tell all the stakeholders in your business and relevant agencies, organisations and governments.

The change in your business circumstance will dictate who you notify.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO), Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Australian Business Register (ABR) require you to report changes within 28 days.

1. Update your business name details

Make sure you keep your business name details up to date with ASIC, including your

  • postal, email and business addresses
  • authorised contact person details

2. Update your registration details

You need to keep your registered business details up to date with the ATO and ABR, such as your: 

  • postal, email and business address
  • main business activity
  • financial institution account information
  • authorised contact person details

3. Update your ABN details

If you’ve made changes to your business you’ll need to change your Australian business number (ABN) details on the ABR.

How to update your ABN details

You can update details:

If you decide to close your business it’s important to cancel your ABN.

4. Update your company details

You’ll need to notify ASIC if you’ve changed your company details, such as your:

  • company addresses
  • officeholders
  • share details
  • members

5. Update details with your state or territory government

You may also need to advise your state or territory government of changes to your business details.