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Loadpro Australia’s X60 Truck can be disassembled to fit into a single container for relocation, and takes around 40 man hours to reassemble.

Loadpro Australia Pty Ltd knew it was onto something special when its innovative X60 truck hit the market. The company has 25 years’ experience in developing off-road haulage trucks, with the X60 winning over the mining and construction industries with its unique ability to be disassembled to fit inside a single 40-foot container. This greatly reduces shipping costs and solves remote site access challenges.

As many mining and big construction sites have poor access unless freight is containerised, the X60 can be delivered with reduced risk of damage to remote sites and assembled ready to go in under 40 man hours.

The Queensland Company completed prototype testing of the X60 in January 2020, and has already attracted 8 orders from Queensland and Indonesian companies. Pre-orders for close to 100 vehicles are now in Loadpro’s forecasted sales pipeline over the next 5 years, with most being export sales.

Seven staff are currently employed by the company, with that number to grow, as production ramps up.

Features of the X60

  • Was developed in direct response to customer requirements
  • Suitable for extended pit hauls up to 30km
  • Payload capacity of 60 tonnes
  • Can be dissembled and reassembled in 40 hours
  • Can be used as a water tank up to 56,000 litres
  • Suitable for steep gradients and soft and slippery conditions

“The Entrepreneurs’ Programme is a fantastic example of how targeted and tailored grant programs really made a difference to fledgling new Australian business that have entered the global marketplace.”

Roger Wolfe, Loadpro

How the Government has helped

Loadpro was awarded a $1 million Accelerating Commercialisation Grant in 2018, to help complete the X60’s final design and support trials.  The funding also assisted in commercialising plan to achieve first sales and lay the foundation for international markets.

Loadpro also accessed the Business Management expertise of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme to help the company determine its manufacturing strategy and how it would distribute the X60 fleet.

To find out more about Loadpro Australia, visit their website

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Further information

For more information visit Accelerating Commercialisation or call 13 28 46.

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