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Person posing in front of bottles of the amazing oil product

Amazing Oils founder Lee Harold

Family business is spreading the good oil worldwide

Three-quarters of the population are deficient in magnesium. Amazing Oils found an answer by sourcing the mineral right here in Australia’s desert, and with assistance from the Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme (the Programme), business is booming.

The Amazing Oils business concept evolved out of tragedy when Lee Harold’s father was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. Lee, his wife Uma, and their daughter Grace were yoga teachers and health-minded people. The disease, specifically the effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, focused their attention on helping people manage pain. Based on their knowledge and understanding, the benefits of Magnesium oil offered a solution to pain management.

Sales soared and operations moved from the kitchen and garage to a small shared warehouse, and finally to its own large warehouse. Despite excellent sales growth online, and through market and pop-up stalls, Lee knew they needed urgent help to plan for growth, specifically export growth. This came quickly after linking with the Programme which was recommended to Lee by business friends.

Within a couple of months of the Business Evaluation, delivered by Business Adviser Andrew Harvey, Amazing Oils was exporting to South Korea.

The product is also in New Zealand and Thailand, with internet orders from around 20 countries. Lee is currently working on a Memorandum of Understanding with 35 countries.

“We had a great product but we were lacking in business experience and knowledge. We really did not know what we were doing,” Lee said of the rapid shift from yoga teachers to entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme has been great. A lot of the stress has been taken out of the business.

Lee Harold, Owner And Founder, Amazing Oils

“Our business ride was like being in one of those small chariots holding the reins of wild horses. It was crazy. Now we feel well supported, especially by Andrew. We feel we can steer the chariot.”

Utilising the services offered by the Programme, Andrew’s aim was to connect Lee, Uma and Grace with experts in export, as well as referring them to Entrepreneur Learning workshops, focusing on project management, management systems and finance. Additional referrals included the Industry Skills Fund and an owner-manager program where Lee has had exposure to leading CEOs.

“It is both a pleasure and a privilege to be part of this company’s story. Their journey of international expansion is just beginning and one that other Australian companies need to follow,” Andrew said.

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