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Partnering with CSIRO to reduce costs and increase productivity

Meneghello Galvanizing has been in operation for 45 years in Western Australia. In an increasingly competitive environment, finding ways to reduce costs and increase the bottom line are a high priority for any business

Faced with an annual bill of up to $500,000 for the treatment of waste chemicals associated with galvanizing processes, the business sought the assistance of the Innovation Connections element of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

Ken Green, the Innovation Connections facilitator, connected Meneghello with the CSIRO Minerals Processing Group in Perth. Together, Meneghello and the experts from CSIRO developed the business' capability to quickly and accurately analyse chemical solutions on site during the galvanizing process. This process previously required samples to be sent to Melbourne for analysis and took 4-5 days to complete.

On site monitoring has helped the business reduce the cost of chemicals and associated waste treatment by 10% and improved the quality of its galvanizing process by up to 70%. The increased quality has meant that Meneghello has been able to attract new customers.

This is an excellent example of how the Entrepreneurs’ Programme has helped grow a local business through Innovation Connections.

Marty Helean, Meneghello’s Chief Operating Officer

The business has been further assisted by the Entrepreneurs' Programme through a Business Evaluation and use of a Business Growth Grant.


  • The aim of the Meneghello and CSIRO project was to reduce the costs of chemicals used in the business and the cost of treating those waste chemicals.
  • The project was successful – reducing the volume of waste product by 10%, equalling a reduction in disposal costs.
  • Quality of the finished galvanising product has increased by 70% as better chemical management has turned out a better product.
  • As such, Meneghello has attracted new customers who needed high-finish products
  • Meneghello employs 95 staff and has been in business 45 years.

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How the government has helped

The Entrepreneurs' Programme has helped the business address a number of challenges in a competitive environment, and specifically the issue of waste chemical treatment by finding experts in that field to partner with Meneghello.

The business has since made use of the Programme’s Business Evaluation, and a Business Growth Grant.

Further information

Innovation Connections is part of the Australian Government's Entrepreneurs' Programme. Innovation Connections provides businesses with access to a highly skilled facilitator to review the business' research needs. If required, the facilitator may connect the business to expertise within the research sector and help define the project scope.

Up to $50,000 in matched funding support is available to the business should it choose to fund the project with the recommendation of the facilitator.

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For more information visit Innovation Connections or call 13 28 46.