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State Land Rent Relief - COVID-19 Assistance QLD

The Queensland government has introduced a scheme to provide land rent relief to businesses impacted by COVID-19.


What do you get?

State land rent relief.

Who is this for?

Queensland holders of leases, licences and permits on state land.


Holders of leases, licences and permits on state land may be eligible to receive a rent waiver or deferral.

Rent waiver

The following categories of leases, licences or permits will be eligible for a rent waiver:

  • category 11 (primary production)
  • category 13 (business)
  • category 14.2 (large sporting and recreational clubs with over 2000 members)
  • category 15 (communication sites)
  • category 16 (divestment i.e. industrial estates)

Lessees who receive a waiver and have tenants who are operating a commercial business are expected to pass on an appropriate amount of land rent savings to these tenants.

No action needs to be taken to receive a rent waiver - it will be applied automatically.

Rent deferral

Lessees who receive rental invoices quarterly and are not eligible for a rent waiver will have their rent automatically deferred until 1 September 2020.

You can find out more about this scheme at State Land Rent Relief - COVID-19 Assistance.

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