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9 businesses across the medtech, agriculture, shipping and manufacturing sectors will receive more than $4.7 million in funding. The grants have been provided through the Accelerating Commercialisation element of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

One of the recipients, Victorian based Navi Medical Technologies, was offered funding to commercialise the neoNAV — an innovative medtech solution that helps clinical staff with accurate placement of catheters and ensure lifesaving medicines and nutrients can be given to critically ill newborns.

What projects are being funded?

The latest funding offers will assist:

  • Smileyscope Pty Ltd (VIC) with a grant of $740,000 to commercialise its virtual reality experience for children needing medical procedures involving a needle such as vein punctures and cannulations, making these procedures faster, safer and less expensive.
  • Red EightProduce Pty Ltd (NSW) with a grant of $712,500 to complete development and a commercial trial of its modular mobile abattoir system that is able to process multiple animal species on any farm.
  • Matchbox Exchange Pty Ltd (VIC) with a grant of $658,479 to commercialise the world’s first online platform enabling container transport companies to exchange shipping containers without transiting through ports, with the aim of broad adoption in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.
  • Dynamic Crowd Measurement Pty Ltd (NSW) with a grant of $640,000 for commercial trials of their crowd management software solution that mimics human decision-making in real-time, to help police, security staff, event organisers and emergency responders.
  • Farmbot Australia Pty Ltd (NSW) with a grant of $597,650 to broaden the application of its innovative water monitoring technology.
  • Veyor Digital Pty Ltd (NSW) with a grant of $516,885 to help market test and validate its digitised integrated materials handling and logistics management platform to improve productivity on construction projects.
  • Navi Medical Technologies Pty Ltd (VIC) with a grant of $396,452 to commercialise its Neonav product – to help medical staff accurately place catheters in babies.
  • Dinggo Au Pty Ltd (NSW) with a grant of $248,262 to commercialise its online automated vehicle fleet repair management platform.
  • Albion Sports Technology Pty Ltd (VIC) with a $245,966 grant to commercialise its light weight, high impact, gender and sport code specific protection apparel, AlbionX.

What are the grants for?

The grants help businesses turn good ideas into marketable products through activities such as trials, upscaling and connecting with new markets.

Experienced Commercialisation Advisers work with the businesses through the different stages of their business building process to guide and provide advice.

Since the launch of the Accelerating Commercialisation grants in 2014, 427 grants worth $208.1 million have been offered to Australian businesses.

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