What is SCIP?

Launched in Australia in 2009, the Supplier Continuous Improvement Program (SCIP) is a change program designed to accelerate the competitiveness of defence industry by raising the performance of defence suppliers and their supply chains. SCIP is based on the UK continuous improvement program known as Supply Chains for the 21st Century (SC21).

SCIP focuses on embedding best practice leadership and a culture of continuous improvement within defence industry small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It provides a benchmarked measure of performance coupled with recommended areas for improvement.

SCIP is part of the Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC) advisory and facilitation service which is provided free of charge to eligible businesses in the defence industry.

What support is available through SCIP?

SCIP is a multi-cycle facilitated program. CDIC Defence Business Advisers coach businesses through a series of diagnostic tools and workshops to assess capability and identify prioritised areas for improvement that may increase productivity and competitiveness.

The SCIP diagnostic tools aim to:

  • improve product / service quality and delivery
  • standardise processes
  • remove duplication and waste
  • reduce costs
  • modernise supply chain relationships
  • improve business communication and collaboration
  • increase efficiency and simplification
  • increase innovation

The essence of SCIP and the role of CDIC Defence Business Advisers is to:

  • benchmark performance
  • embed sustainable continuous improvement
  • facilitate improved supply chain relationships within the defence industry

Upon successful completion of each SCIP cycle, businesses can apply for a Capability Improvement Grant to help implement recommended areas for improvement.

Similar to SC21 participants in the UK, SCIP participants in Australia that achieve and maintain agreed criteria in terms of delivery, quality, sustainable improvement and the associated improvement frameworks can apply to receive national recognition in the form of a Bronze, Silver or Gold Performance Standard Award.


To be eligible to participate in SCIP, businesses must operate in the defence industry and satisfy the eligibility criteria for the CDIC advisory and facilitation service.

In order to successfully undertake SCIP, businesses should be able to demonstrate they have the internal capacity, aspiration and commitment to participate in and benefit from SCIP in the areas of:

  • leadership
  • strategy
  • people
  • partnerships and resources
  • processes, products and services