The Force Exploration Hub are seeking ideas to help forecast for a future capability and operating environment out to 2040 and beyond. Ideas that may seem disruptive, revolutionary, unrealistic or unachievable in today’s environment are what the Hub is looking for to prepare the future Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Areas of interest include:

  • remote autonomous systems
  • artificial intelligence (Ai)
  • additive manufacturing
  • quantum computing
  • geopolitical developments
  • key technologies

We’re looking for something we don’t know exists yet. It might be the one idea that seems the most ridiculous that is actually the most important. By getting new ideas from a diverse audience we can even get ahead of the trends.

Colonel Lara Troy

'We’re exploring how we can take science fiction ideas into science fact. A common trait is for people to underestimate what technology can achieve today and overestimate future technology, so it’s important to be creative.' said Dr Nigel McGinty

The ADF’s awareness, identification and responsiveness to changing trends and conditions is key to generating and maintaining advantage.

Force Exploration Hub

The Force Exploration Hub engages with multiple thinkers to develop ideas, concepts and evidence to equip the future force to confront a world of accelerated change and uncertainty.

They construct alternative futures to see what situations the ADF could be fighting in and develop concepts in partnership with industry, allies and academics.

The Force Exploration Hub works closely with Defence Science and Technology as well as the Services and Groups to generate, develop and test ideas. This work informs future Defence capability investment while building a unique and useful body of knowledge to support force structure plans and strategic assessments.

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Email the Force Exploration team with your ideas and insights about the future.

For more information visit the Force Exploration website or download the Shaping the future force brochure.