The Implementation Plan was released alongside the Department of Defence’s detailed Industry Plan. Minister Price said businesses supporting our radar capability, or aspiring to join the Defence sector, would benefit from the clarity and direction offered by the plan.

Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities

The initial 10 Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities (SICPs) were identified in the 2018 Defence Industrial Capability Plan. They’re the Australian industrial capabilities that are assessed as critical to Defence and must be developed or supported by Australian industry. Therefore Australia must have access to, or control over, the essential skills, technology, intellectual property, financial resources and infrastructure as and when required.

SICP Implementation and Industry Plans

Each of the Implementation Plans and supporting Industry Plans further support the partnership between Defence and industry by building a shared understanding of the critical industrial capabilities underpinning these priorities.

The Plans describe how Defence will work with industry to build and grow sovereign industrial capabilities. Their intent is to support industry’s business planning and investment decisions to align with Defence priorities. The Plans also provide guidance to align capability decisions with Defence’s strategic intent and broader policies.

‘Australia boasts world-leading active phased array radar capability and we have enormous potential in the development of passive radar systems and related technologies.’

Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Melissa Price MP

The new plan follows the release of the:

  • Combat clothing, and the Munitions and small arms plans in December 2019
  • Land combat and protected vehicles Plan in August 2020
  • Aerospace platform deeper maintenance and structural integrity Plan in November 2020

Implementation and Industry Plans for the remaining priorities will be released by the end of 2020.

Where can I view the plans?

The released plans can be viewed on the Department of Defence website, along with more information on the Defence Industrial Capability Plan and Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities.

You can also apply for a Sovereign Industrial Capability Priority Grant to help your business build industrial capabilities that contribute to one or more of the Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities. For more information and to apply, visit our Sovereign Industrial Capability Priority Grant page.

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