ISSARTEL-HIFRASER is launching a Sovereign Supply Chain Qualification Program, targeting highly qualified Australian companies with the following capabilities:

  • high precision machining
  • boiler making
  • welding
  • surface and heat treatment services

The Sovereign Supply Chain Qualification Process will take place in three steps carried out from March to September 2020:

  1. Prequalification desktop review of capability.
  2. Qualification of the Quality Management System.
  3. Technical and industrial capability qualification audit.

High precision machining suppliers will also have to successfully manufacture a unique ISSARTEL – HIFRASER prototype to be approved.


ISSARTEL – HIFRASER is a partnership between French high-tech manufacturer ISSARTEL, and Australian HIFRASER, which specialises in manufacturing gas and fluid components. The joint venture is leveraging Australian manufacturing capability for critical mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems for the Royal Australian Navy’s Attack Class Submarine Program, offering build-to-print mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic products as well as maintenance services.

How do I get involved?

To be considered under the prequalification step of the process, companies should send the following information to

  • company presentation
  • list of industrial capabilities
  • technical and commercial references
  • quality Management certifications
  • customers qualifications