CDIC grant programs

The Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC) offers a range of grants to support small and medium Australian businesses build capability to work in the defence industry and grow their capacity to participate in defence supply chains. These include:

  • Capability Improvement Grants of up to $240,000 to help businesses implement recommendations made by the CDIC as part of an advisory service.
  • Sovereign Industrial Capability Priority (SICP) Grants of up to $1.4 million to help Australian businesses invest in projects that build capability aligned to the Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities.
  • Defence Global Competitiveness Grants (or Export Grants) of up to $240,000 to help Australian businesses invest in projects that address barriers to export and build defence export capability.

Who is eligible?

To apply for a CDIC grant, your business must have fewer than 200 employees and an Australian Business Number (ABN). Other eligibility requirements apply, and these can be found in the grant opportunity guidelines issued for each grant program.

Remember that you must meet both the eligibility requirements and the intent of the grant. For a Capability Improvement Grant, that means you must have developed, or be developing, products or services that can be applied to defence.

Capability Improvement Grants

Capability Improvement Grants provide funding for improving the operations of you buisness. They are focused on improving your capability and capacity to supply your product or service to the defence market. Some examples of activities that can be funded are:

  • product and service development
  • strategic business issues
  • internal systems and human resources issues
  • initial industry certifications or accreditation's recommended in your CDIC Advisory Service Report

Activities considered business-as-usual, such as purchase of off-the-shelf software, plant or equipment, or maintenance of existing industry certifications or accreditation's, are not eligible for Capability Improvement Grant funding.

Applications for Capability Improvement Grants are assessed on a continual basis and are not relative to the merits of other applications.

Full details of eligible activities can be found in the Capability Improvement Grant opportunity guidelines.

Sovereign Industrial Capability Priority (SICP) and Defence Global Competitiveness Grants (DGCG)

To receive a SICP Grant, your project must enhance your capability to supply products and services that align to one of the ten Sovereign Industrial Capability PrioritiesA project under the DGCG must help you overcome an export barrier to build your capability to export to new or existing markets.

SICP and DGCGs can be used for activities including:

  • purchase of capital equipment (including specialist software and security infrastructure)
  • design, engineering and commissioning activities
  • workforce training and accreditation's

SICP and DGCGs are assessed in batches against a set of merit criteria, taking into account the availability of funds for each grant. To be successful, applications must score highly against each merit criterion.

Full details of eligible activities can be found in the relevant grant opportunity guidelines.

How can I get help with my application?

The CDIC’s team of Defence Industry Facilitators and Defence Business Advisers can help you decide if a grant is applicable to your business. They can also help you understand how your proposed project aligns with the intent of a grant.

What if my application is unsuccessful?

You can reapply. Make sure you talk to the Grants Management team to get feedback on why your application was unsuccessful. You can also talk to a Defence Industry Facilitator or Defence Business Adviser to get advice on how you can improve your application.

Want to know more?

Our Multimedia resources for defence industry has a number of online resources providing practical advice and information for businesses wanting to know more about each CDIC grant and how to apply.