Leidos Australia has been shortlisted as a respondent for Land 129 Phase 3 and is planning to submit a response to the Request for Tender. Leidos Australia recognises the value that Australian industry will provide in developing and delivering a solution. They are committed to local industry growth by further evolving capability in-country, and would like to maximise the opportunities available for Australian businesses to be considered for participation in the response.

The primary capabilities that Leidos is seeking include:

  • composite manufacturing
  • payloads for Tier 2 UAVs
  • mechanical assembly
  • training services
  • warehousing support
  • logistics support
  • UAV operations and maintenance support

Land 129 Phase 3 Project

The Land 123 Phase 3 Project will replace the obsolescent but current in-service Tactical Unmanned Aerial System (TUAS). This project will enhance the Australian Army’s existing capability by positioning the Australian Defence Force to take advantage of TUAS air vehicle and sensor technological enhancements. The new capability will provide enduring multi-spectrum sensor capability and a modern ground station facilitating improved intelligence for Army.

How do I get involved?

Companies interested in being part of this opportunity as a potential supplier for Leidos can express their interest by registering with the Australia Partner Network, or by emailing an Expression of Interest to AIC@leidos.com.

Expressions of Interest must include a Capability Statement in support of Land 129 Phase 3.