ASC built the Royal Australian Navy’s fleet of 6 Collins Class Submarines and now provides design enhancement, maintenance and through-life support for the fleet.

As the platform system integrator on current Collins modification projects, ASC relies on a combination of in-country engineering know-how, advanced manufacturing and an extensive local and global supply chain.

Modification projects include:

  • platform systems improvements
  • combat systems replacement
  • weapon and sensor enhancements
  • communications mast and antenna replacement

ASC is committed to a sovereign supply chain capability and is seeking Australian suppliers, including small to medium enterprises, to join its supply chain.

About ASC

ASC’s capability in specialised submarine construction and maintenance is located at 2 key sites in Osborne, South Australia and Henderson, Western Australia. ASC employs more than 1000 employees across its sites.

As a leader in the defence industry and an integral part of Australia’s sovereign naval industrial capability, ASC prides itself on the quality of its services and products, its proven innovation, integrity and delivery.

Collins Class Submarines

Australia's Collins class submarines are long-range, multi-purpose patrol submarines capable of both short duration coastal missions, and long-duration open sea defensive and offensive operations.

The Collins class are state-of-the-art submarines, featuring high manoeuvrability, low signature patterns, high firing rates, and excellent shock endurance. These submarines are adapted to the specific environmental conditions and operational profiles required by the Royal Australian Navy.

First of class, the HMAS Collins was launched in 1993 and delivered to the Royal Australian Navy in May 1996. In all, 6 Collins class submarines were delivered.

The Collins Class submarine fleet will be upgraded and have its service life extended to ensure capability is maintained until the Future Submarines are introduced into service in the early 2030s.

How do I get involved?

Suppliers interested in participating in programs at ASC can register interest on the Industry Capability Network (ICN) gateway.

ASC will contact suppliers identified as having capabilities aligned to specific work requirements.