The Challenge:

Defence is seeking innovative proposals that advance or enhance Defence Intelligence Mission Data (IMD) production or Virtual Reality (VR) and Graphics Applications within the capability theme of Artificial Intelligence.

Challenge statement

The challenge focuses on AI technologies within 2 categories:

  • approaches and systems to accelerate, enrich or automate components of IMD production, management, training and/or simulation
  • AI augmented VR and Graphics Applications that improve the value and realism of Defence modelling, simulation and training

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a pervasive and disruptive technology with the potential to enhance human tasks and cognition across a large range of applications. AI continues to be rapidly adopted across society, industry, government and the military.

AI enables Defence to enhance effective automation of repetitive tasks, assist with discovery and insight across large volumes of data, strengthen decision advantage and human intelligence through increased understanding, and allow responses to dynamic and challenging environments.

The 2020 Defence Strategic Update outlined that Defence will develop and support focused investments in AI over the next 5 years.

Who is eligible?

This procurement is only open to respondents registered in Australia or New Zealand.

Australian businesses with no prior experience working with Defence are encouraged to participate, particularly:

  • businesses developing or providing Radio Frequency (RF) solutions for telecommunications, mining or space industries
  • VR, graphics and gaming industry representatives with experience developing AI agents and approaches to mimic real-world environmental dynamics
  • those with experience in real-world object or terrain modelling and generation of photorealistic imagery

How do I submit a proposal?

Defence is conducting a single stage Request for Proposal procurement process through which a number of respondents will be selected to enter an Innovation Contract with Defence. Successful respondents must deliver a demonstrator of the technology for user trial and evaluations with Defence within 12 months from contract commencement.

You must submit a response to this Request for Proposal using the ‘Special Notice Proposal Submission Form’ on the Defence Innovation Hub website.

The closing time for proposals is 12:00pm (AEDT) on Thursday 18 February 2021.

Where can I find out more?

More information on the Request for Proposal, including a further breakdown of the categories and associated priorities is on the Defence Innovation Hub website.

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