The concept addresses the question:

How will the Australian Defence Force (ADF) future force exploit Robotics and Autonomous Systems to gain advantages throughout the spectrum of conflict, and how can the ADF counter threats posed by Robotics and Autonomous Systems to the future force?

Concept for Robotics and Autonomous Systems

This Concept determines how Defence will adopt the next generation of Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) technologies to embrace these opportunities and mitigate the challenge of the future operating environment. It identifies how Defence can utilise RAS to achieve strategic advantage by detailing the capabilities that the Future Force requires, and mitigates against RAS technologies being used to disrupt Defence activities by detailing potential approaches to counter adversaries.

Who is this concept intended for?

This document is intended to be used by those in the ADF, industry, academia, and our partner nations involved in:

  • operational planning
  • force design
  • force exploration
  • experimentation
  • delivery of professional military education and training

The Force Exploration Hub would like to thank those who provided input to the concept.

Go to the Defence website to access the Concept for Robotics and Autonomous Systems.

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