The Defence Innovation Hub (DIH) remains operational during these uncertain times. Through the online portal, industry can still submit proposals to seek funding to develop innovative technologies that can give Defence a capability edge.

Our priority during this difficult period is to keep investing in the Australian small to medium sized businesses that are a critical part of the defence industry and innovation sector.

What you need to know

The Defence Innovation Hub is a $640 million program which invests in the development of innovative technology that can enhance Australia’s Defence capability. Over the last three years, the Hub has invested more than $200 million in the maturation and development of emerging technologies.

Over 80% of the Hub’s investments are with micro, small and medium sized enterprises. Innovation contracts awarded by the Hub can range in value from a couple of hundred thousand to millions depending on the complexity of the project and the phase of development.

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For more information about the Innovation Hub’s process, a contract or support in accessing the Hub please visit the CDIC website.