Webinar for NSW businesses

Andrea Ciotti
Event sponsor:
NSW Government
Event organiser:
Central NSW Business HQ

With access to a broader and more competitive marketplace than ever before and strong consumer trends to online purchasing, e-commerce has become part of almost every business. This complete guide to e-commerce will furnish attendees with a complete understanding of e-commerce options.

You will learn:

  • platform options in the marketplace
  • effective ways to get your business seen in an ultra-competitive marketplace
  • basics of e-commerce business strategies
  • how e-commerce can be enhanced through other digital marketing strategies.

This webinar can host up to 50 attendees and will not be recorded. Registration is required to attend.

  • Cost:Free
  • Date:Tue 18 Apr 2023
  • Time:12:00 - 2:00 pm AEST
  • Location:Online

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