Webinar for WA businesses

Event organiser:
WA - Small Business Development Corporation

Client data is collected for a number of reasons – to monitor website traffic, social media engagement, sales, service requests, improve client engagement and understand customer demographics. Many business owners are unsure about how to fully maximise the data they collect to drive key business decisions or improvements to their product or service offerings.

This workshop will teach you how to use client data as the basis for designing solutions to problems or to develop new products and services that will better meet the needs of your customer base.

Main topics covered:

  • how data is used to innovate and solve problems
  • using both hard data (numbers) and soft data (opinions and frontline observations)
  • design Thinking and Agile principles
  • techniques to put your customer first when designing business solutions or innovations
  • case study examples from both small and big business
  • balancing the cost versus your business outcomes
  • prioritising opportunities for innovation.
  • Cost:Free
  • Date:Wed 14 Jun 2023
  • Time:9:00 - 11:00 am AWST
  • Location:Online

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