Information session for QLD businesses

Event organiser:
Department of Industry, Science and Resources

The Financial Management Masterclass Learning Event will be presented in the Queensland towns of Goondiwindi and Chinchilla in March 2023.  The purpose is to improve the financial literacy of regional business owners, allowing them to build knowledge and confidence, and to improve financial outcomes. The key to achieving the desired results rests with the ability to strip away the complexity of financial statements, cut through the jargon, and introduce participants to concepts that represent ‘light bulb’ moments.

The Financial Management Masterclass is delivered as an interactive, hands-on workshop where participants are provided a workbook inclusive of case material, intended to optimise the learning process.  

The learning outcomes for participants in the workshops includes:

  • to gain an understanding of financial statements
  • how to read and interpret the profit and loss statement and the balance sheet
  • develop and interpret a scorecard using business metrics which is reflective of the key success drivers of business
  • how to apply these business metrics to the forward planning process
  • raise confidence and understanding to the extent that participants can immediately apply the learnings to their business and circumstances
  • enable business owners to productively engage in meetings and discussions with external stakeholders such as bankers, shareholders and investors.
  • Cost: Free