Boost Your Business Entrepreneurs with Disability Voucher Stream VIC

Boost Your Business Entrepreneurs with Disability Voucher Stream provides entrepreneurs with disabilities with vouchers to help them develop viable, sustainable businesses.

Close date: 22 Dec 2019.

What do you get?

Vouchers to the value of $25,000.

Who is this for?

Victorian entrepreneurs with disabilities.


Entrepreneurs with Disability Voucher Stream provides vouchers to support Victorian entrepreneurs with disabilities develop viable, sustainable businesses.

The vouchers may be used by individuals or businesses in exchange for services that will build their capabilities in two main areas:

  • Innovation – help to develop or commercialise new products and improve process innovation, including
    • product development
    • intellectual property
    • early stage feasibility and testing
    • research and development
  • Business capability – help to position the business for future growth, including
    • business process and systems improvements
    • financial management planning
    • industry standards implementation and certification
    • tender guidance

Vouchers are capped at $25,000 and may be used to subsidise 80% of the services. Applicants must contribute a minimum of 20% of the total costs of the services.

Vouchers must be used in exchange for services, advice or expertise provided by Registered Service Providers.

What are the eligibility criteria?

To be eligible, you must:

  • if an individual, have a disability
  • if an entity, be majority owned and operated by people with a disability
  • be developing an innovative product, process or service

How do you apply?

Find out more about eligibility and how to apply at Entrepreneurs with Disability Voucher Stream.

Vouchers for Victorian entrepreneurs with disabilities