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Apprenticeship and Traineeship Re-engagement Incentive WA

The Apprenticeship and Traineeship Re-engagement Incentive provides financial assistance to businesses who employ an apprentice or trainee whose training contract was terminated or cancelled by a previous employer on or after 1 March 2020.

The grant is no longer available

Application detail:

Claims for the Re-engagement Incentive should be made within 3 months of the apprentice or trainee passing the probation period and prior to 30 June 2022.

What you get?

A one-off payment of $6000 for an apprentice and $3000 for a trainee.

Who is this for?

WA employers of apprentices and trainees.


This program supports businesses impacted by COVID-19 to employ apprentices and trainees to maintain the supply of skilled workers across a range of trades and occupations that will be essential to WA's economic recovery post COVID-19.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Employers including Group Training Organisations (GTOs) are eligible if:

  • the business is a WA employer
  • they have an active training contract for the apprentice or trainee registered with the Department of Training and Workforce Developmentā€™s (the Department) Apprenticeship Office
  • the commencement date of employment of the apprentice or trainee is between 1 July 2020 and 30 June 2022
  • the apprentice or trainee resides in Western Australia (this includes The Indian Ocean Territories)
  • the apprentice or trainee has passed the relevant probation period or completed the training contract, with the new employer.

Employers are not eligible to apply if they:

  • have re-instated an apprentice or trainee whose employment they previously terminated
  • have employed an apprentice or trainee whose employment was terminated by an employer or GTO from the same group of companies or related bodies corporate
  • employ apprentices or trainees who live outside WA.

How do you apply?

You can find out more about eligibility and how to apply at Apprenticeship and Traineeship Re-engagement Incentive.