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Caring for State Heritage Grants NSW

Caring for State Heritage Grants provide matched funding to help conserve, manage, maintain and activate assets on the State Heritage Register.

The grant is no longer available

What you get?

Funding of up to $150,000.

Who is this for?

Owners, custodians, or managers of heritage items.


Funding may be used for:

  • developing heritage management documents – up to $20,000 (matched funding required)
  • physical conservation works including restoration, reconstruction, repair, reinstatement and preservation – funding of between $20,000 and $150,000 (matched funding required)
  • interpretation projects to enable activation and community enjoyment of an item – funding of between $10,000 and $40,000 (no matched funding required).

What are the eligibility criteria?

To be eligible, you must:

  • be the owner, manager, long-term lessee or custodian of an SHR listed item who falls into one of the following groups:
    • Aboriginal custodian
    • community organisation
    • local government organisation
    • private company
    • private individual, including family trusts
    • religious organisation
    • university
  • have legal responsibility for maintenance and repair of the SHR item.

How do you apply?

Find out more about eligibility and how to apply at Caring for State Heritage Grants.