Immediate Business Acceleration Program NT

The Immediate Business Acceleration Program provides small to medium businesses with advice and expertise to help them manage their businesses through COVID-19 lockdowns.

What you get?

Expertise and advice to help businesses manage COVID-19 lockdowns.

Who is this for?

Northern Territory small and medium businesses.


The Immediate Business Acceleration Program will provide business owners, chief executives and managing directors of small and medium NT businesses with the essential knowledge, skills, and tools required to manage their businesses during and after a COVID-19 lockdown.

The program is designed to enable business owners to:

  • manage your business’ resources (for example, finances, customers, employees, strategy, vendors, and suppliers) during and after a COVID-19 lockdown
  • understand how to turn a COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity that sets up your company for future growth
  • manage yourself and your fears, concerns for the business, customers, products, employees, and your family.

Find out more about this program at Immediate Business Acceleration Program.

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