Loan Guarantees NSW

Loan Guarantees provide NSW fast-growth small to medium enterprises with a guarantee of up to 50% of a commercial loan to a maximum of $5 million.


What do you get?

Loan guarantee of 50% up to a maximum of $5 million.

Who is this for?

Small to medium enterprises that are expanding and creating jobs in NSW.


Loan Guarantees provides fast-growth SMEs with a loan guarantee facility so they can get a loan with a financial institution in order to grow and create jobs for NSW.

Jobs for NSW offer the Loan Guarantees in partnership with an Australian authorised financial institution. Jobs for NSW will act as a Guarantor for up to 50% of the loan (with a maximum guarantee of $5 million of the total loan).

What are the eligibility criteria?

To be eligible, you must:

  • have a registered ABN and be an incorporated company
  • have a minimum of 5 employees (full-time, part-time or casual)
  • be creating a minimum of 30 additional FTE jobs in NSW within three years
  • be able to demonstrate revenue of at least $3 million
  • be unable to access sufficient funds from the Lender for business expansion.

How do you apply?

Find out more about how to apply at Loan Guarantees.