Minding Your Business TAS

The Minding Your Business program provides free mental health training and support for small Tasmanian businesses and their employees.
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What do you get?

Free counselling support for Tasmanian small businesses.

Who is this for?

Tasmanian small businesses.


Lifeline Tasmania's Minding Your Business Program provides free counselling support for your small business.

The program can help your business to:

  • reduce turnover
  • improve culture
  • make work more fun
  • reduce accidents
  • increase productivity
  • create work-life balance in your workplace.

Get free counselling support to help you and your staff with:

  • relationship and family issues
  • addiction challenges
  • anxiety and depression
  • grief and loss
  • bullying and harassment
  • thoughts of suicide or self-harm
  • other mental health concerns.

Check if you can apply

To be eligible, you must:

  • be located in Tasmania
  • have 19 or less full-time equivalent (FTE) staff.

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