NSW Aviation Attraction Fund

This program provides funding to all domestic and international airlines servicing NSW or planning to service NSW.
Application detail:

Apply at any time.

What do you get?

Funding amounts vary.

Who is this for?

NSW local and international airlines.


3 streams of funding are available:

Sydney international route support

Targeted and new airlines operating international routes into Sydney can apply, with opportunities to be assessed based on business case and alignment to fund criteria. All applications must be supported and jointly funded by Sydney Airport.

Regional NSW domestic and international route support

This is a contestable fund open to all international and domestic routes servicing NSW. Routes will be assessed on the business case and alignment to fund criteria. All applications for this stream must be supported and jointly funded by a regional NSW airport.

NSW contestable fund

This is a contestable fund to supplement or fund opportunities that do not qualify for stream 1 or 2. All applications are assessed based on the business case and alignment to Destination NSW criteria. Airlines applying for funding in this stream must be able to match funding (cash or value in kind), either directly from the airline or through the airline’s trade partners.

Examples of eligible expenditure include:

  • route subsidies and incentives
  • strategic marketing
  • establishment and re-establishment costs.

Check if you can apply

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • service a NSW priority market, as per the visitor economy strategy 2030
  • have International Air Transport Association approval
  • be financially solvent
  • demonstrate capacity and capability in operating the proposed service and have the appropriate licences, authorities and insurances
  • commence the route within one year of contract execution
  • have an expected return on investment exceeding 1:1.

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