New to Export Program QLD

This program provides funding, mentoring and training to Queensland businesses who haven’t previously exported and caters to a vast scope of business sizes, industries, sectors and regions from across the state.
The grant is no longer available

What do you get?

Funding of up to $15,000.

Who is this for?

Queensland businesses that are new to exporting.


Successful applicants receive comprehensive and focused mentoring and training in a program designed to enable your business to scale and deliver commercial export success.  

The program is an intensive 12-month initiative which guides you through an informed process of evaluation and designing export strategies, while equipping you with the skills you need for successful export outcomes.   

In addition, participating businesses are supported with matched grant funding of up to $15,000 to get the export ball rolling.

The program includes:

  • $15,000 matched contribution grant for export strategy implementation   
  • in-person business mentoring and advisory   
  • export strategy development   
  • ongoing export strategy implementation support  
  • 8-week export capacity and capability training.

Check if you can apply

To be eligible, businesses must:

  • prove that any export sales made in the past 5 years were ‘one-off’ to fulfil an order and not part of an ongoing export plan or sales relationship
  • have a valid Australian business number (ABN) and be registered for goods and services tax (GST)
  • be headquartered in Queensland
  • be a company incorporated in Australia or be an incorporated trustee applying on behalf of a trust
  • have no more than 200 full time equivalent employees
  • not be a subsidiary of a group of companies that has 200 or more full time equivalent employees in total
  • produce and export Queensland products and/or services and not act as a consolidator or distributor of Queensland, other domestic or imported products
  • be able to provide a matched cash contribution to the project for eligible project costs and not use Commonwealth, State, or Local government grants towards their matched cash contribution.

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