Regional Events Scheme WA

The Regional Events Scheme provides funding for individuals or organisations to develop and run small events as tourist attractions in regional WA.

Closes in 12 days

Closing date: Tuesday 18 October 2022 Tue 18 Oct 2022

What you get?

Funding between $5,000 and $40,000.

Who is this for?

Individuals or organisations running small events in regional WA.


This scheme provides annual funding for smaller regional events in WA that:

  • attract media coverage and additional tourism income to regional communities
  • bring additional tourism income to regional communities by increasing visitor numbers and expenditure in the host community
  • extend the length of the traditional tourist seasons and better utilise tourism facilities and services during off-peak or shoulder periods
  • support job creation in regional WA and benefit social amenity and wellbeing of regional WA
  • involve and inspire the local community and improve the vibrancy and vitality of the state.

Check if you can apply

To be eligible, applicants must constitute an individual or organisation hosting a small public event in regional WA between 1 July 2023 and June 30 2024.

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