Tasmanian Employer Bonus Fund

The Tasmanian Employer Bonus Fund provides funding to businesses to help them with the costs of taking on new employees.

The grant is no longer available

What do you get?

Payment amounts vary.

Who is this for?

Tasmanian employers.


Funding over 6 months is available to businesses that take on an eligible job-seeker.

Bonuses will be paid according to the following schedule:

  • a casual/part-time position of 15 hours per week averaged over 3 months equates to a first instalment of $1500, and after 6 months (15 hours per week averaged over 6 months), a final instalment of $1500
  • a full-time position at 3 months equates to a first instalment of $3000, and at the 6-month period a final instalment of $3500
  • additionally, if a casual/part-time position turns into a full-time position in the 3 to 5-month period then the applicant is eligible for $3500 as a final instalment (at the 6-month point) for that employee.

Check if you can apply

To be eligible, an employer must:

  • be the direct employer of the employee (an agent cannot act on behalf of an employer)
  • hold current workers compensation insurance from the time that the employee was employed
  • have an Australian business number (ABN), and Australian company number (ACN) if applicable
  • be operating in Tasmania
  • comply with all employer responsibilities and workplace laws.

Eligibility criteria also apply to employees.

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