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Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Business Fleet Advisory Service ACT

If you’re an ACT-based business or community organisation who operate a vehicle fleet, you can get targeted advice and support to electrify your fleet. Businesses can save money and take action on climate change by transitioning their fleets to elect

Application detail:

Apply at any time.

What you get?

Free and independent support.

Who is this for?

ACT businesses and organisations that operate a vehicle fleet.


Canberra businesses and community organisations can access free and independent support to assist in transitioning vehicle fleets to zero emission vehicles (ZEV), such as battery electric vehicles, through the Business Fleet Advisory Service. The Service provides accurate and targeted information, materials and advice to support, inspire and steer businesses on their ZEV journey.

The Service can help Canberra businesses and community organisations with the following:

  • information on electric vehicle charging and infrastructure needs
  • administrative, procurement and taxation advice as well as assistance with business case development
  • vehicle total cost of ownership (TCO) calculation
  • fleet data collection and tracking
  • electric vehicle purchasing and leasing solutions.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Eligible entities are businesses, community organisations (including not-for-profit organisations), private enterprises, (non-ACT) Government agencies that satisfy the following requirements:

  • the business/entity must operate from a registered premises which must be within the Australian Capital Territory (ACT); and
  • a maximum of one business/entity  per ABN can be registered with the program.

How do you apply?

Find out more about eligibility and how to apply to at Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Business Fleet Advisory Service.