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Large empty dark room, with brightly coloured lined shapes projected onto the floor. The shapes are outlines of office furniture, demonstrating the layout of an office space.

The CADwalk interactive design system in action.

Enhanced design capacity creates new business opportunities.

Designing the control rooms used to manage mission critical infrastructure, such as electricity and gas plants, will always be a complex undertaking, but new virtual reality technology created by a South Australian company is making the design of these spaces quicker and more collaborative.

Jumbo Vision International Pty Ltd’s (Jumbo Vision) new interactive simulation technology, CADwalk, helps its customers visualise how a control room will look and operate when it becomes operational and can cut the time needed to design control rooms from six months, to just two or three days.

In the past the traditional design processes involved in us creating control rooms for clients took considerable time, before we even started on the manufacturing aspects of a project

Lena Kimenkowski, Jumbo Vision’s General Manager

CADwalk involves the projection of a life-size 2D drawing of a planned space onto a CADwalk floor. Clients are able to move around poles, which represent objects such as desks and tables, and their changes are reflected in a 3D simulation of the room on a screen, so they can experiment with layouts and floorplans in real time.

Once happy with a layout, clients can walk around the 1:1 scale plan to experience the room as it will be in real life.

Australian Government Accelerating Commercialisation Grant of $1 million in October 2015 and expert advice, has helped the company to exploit the full potential of its new technology, allowing it to dedicate resources to creating a working model of CADwalk and to accelerate its path to markets. 

“Our Commercialisation Adviser Grant Steinberg was a great resource of useful knowledge and connections and a real champion of our business generally, “ sayLenaLena says the CADwalk technology has improved design and manufacturing outcomes and has “given the people who will be the users of a space a great sense of engagement and ownership”. 

Jumbo Vision’s clients, who to date are predominantly from the resources industry, have embraced the new technology and the success of CADwalk has seen Jumbo Vision create the CADwalk Global Pty Ltd start-up to take the technology to global markets.

Jumbo Vision Achievements 2016-2019

Since receiving the Accelerating Commercialisation Grant, CADwalk has gone from strength to strength including Jumbo Vision spinning out CADwalk into its own company, CADwalk Global Pty Ltd –with a dedicated C Level team and board.

Fully enforceable patents are in place in Australia and New Zealand and further patents are in progress in 35 other countriesCADwalk continues to be used for both small and large commercial and industrial applications, as well as residential home design space. 

The European Centre of Excellence in Munich, Germany is operational, and has welcomed clients such as the German Police and the European Space Agency. Discussions are on the way with a large German Automotive company to use CADwalk for future factory floor planning.

The back-end system CADwalk- XR is being redeveloped to incorporate a new rendering engine, which will give users a better visual experience. CADwalk-XR will also link with various virtual and augmented reality technologies to create a new user experience, which can be accessed anywhere in the world. 

CADwalk is presently positioned to disrupt the entire design industry, thanks to the massive efficiency increases plus cost reductions it offers, by using the latest in largescale augmented reality technology.

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