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Computer monitor displaying a website with overlayed shaded colours indicating areas where visitors have looked most.

xLabs’ technology means businesses can learn more about what their users are interested in.

Businesses can now gather deep insights into how people view their online content and tools

Innovative Victorian technologies company xLabs Pty Ltd (xLabs) has used an Accelerating Commercialisation grant to bring to market a powerful eye tracking tool that is being adopted by the market research, marketing, usability design and optimisation industries.

Effectively, xLabs’ technology allows a company to look through the eyes of their clients to track what holds their attention and interest.

Businesses can then use the results and data of their eye tracking study to gather deep insights into user behaviour and design effectiveness.

The EyesDecide platform provides easily accessible mass scale eye gaze tracking technology that can be used to improve the quality of quantitative research for customers in the market research industry; improve, validate and optimise website designs for the web design and usability industry; and to optimise and improve visual advertising campaigns for marketers and creative agencies.

It is powerful enough to tackle the most complex of research projects and study analysis, yet can still turn simple projects round in as little as an hour.

We can work out what users are looking at on the screen. Although eye and gaze tracking technology has been around for a while, the good solutions all require expensive, specialist hardware. Ours doesn’t – it’s just our software and any existing ordinary webcam.

Joe Hanna, Co-Founder, xLabs

Joe said the EyesDecide technology is so good it captures all sorts of data such as eye gaze, head and face gestures and facial expressions.

EyesDecide uses ordinary webcams to work out what people are seeing on their computer screens.

Technically, this is gaze tracking, but it is also called eye tracking. EyesDecide uses gaze tracking to locate a person’s pupils, to then determine where they are looking.

The traditional method of eye/gaze tracking is to use specialist hardware devices with infra-red emitters and cameras. Using special lenses and filters, these are able to pick up the distinctive appearance of the human eye.

This technology works very well, but the drawback is you have to bring participants into the lab where you have the devices.

EyesDecide uses ordinary webcams as fitted to most laptop computers. This means you can do remote eye tracking, at much lower cost and without long delays. In fact, by using EyesDecide, a business owner or manager can get results in minutes or hours.

All this data can reveal user behaviour and intent. A business can visualise what is attracting users’ attention or what isn’t.

For example, a business may find EyesDecide data invaluable to determine what users liked in an advertisement, what held their gaze in the ad and what didn’t, how long they stayed on what elements of the ad.

The tool helps unlock the “why” beneath consumer behaviour, whether it be for testing the effectiveness of promotional material, optimizing user experience, or boosting website conversion.

It is applicable to just about any industry with an online presence in the form of a digital advertisement or an online design element such as a website, a study or questionnaire, an online campaign, gaming applications, apps, videos and clips … just about anything online which a business wishes to know more about the reactions of those looking at it.

An Accelerating Commercialisation grant of $357,403 awarded in November 2015 helped xLabs evolve the EyesDecide platform and ultimately bring the final commercial product to market.

The Accelerating Commercialisation grant was crucial to our commercial success. It enabled us to run live trials with top tier Australian research companies, gathering essential feedback that was used to continually enhance the product and ensure that the product launched delivered on our customer’s needs.

Joe Hanna

“I’m not sure where we would be without the Accelerating Commercialisation grant.”

Those already using EyesDecide include design professionals, product managers, marketers and researchers, just to name a few.

Learn more about the EyesDecide tracking insights platform from xLabs.

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