AusIndustry supporting... Capital Brewing Co


Established in Canberra in 2016, Capital Brewing Co sets out to produce the best beer possible, using the highest quality all-natural ingredients, including the pristine waters from the Brindabella wilderness. The brewery loves to experiment, offering a core range of beers and on-tap specialities. They rate their customer-first culture and the environment as the key drivers of their success so far.

The rapid growth of Capital Brewing presented a few early speed humps, including the need for more space, smarter technology for refrigeration and finding more sustainable options for the delivery and storage of hundreds of kilos of hops.

Laurence is working with growth facilitator Richard Everson from AusIndustry’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme, to find the expertise he needs to push on with some key engineering projects.

Capital Brewing Co employs around 30 fulltime staff and another 30 casuals in their popular Fyshwick tap and tasting facility.

2018 was a breakthrough year for Capital, which has since enjoyed a 60% growth in sales revenue.

With AusIndustry’s help, Capital Brewing Co is getting an independent viewpoint on their bigger picture planning around business capability. For Laurence, this is driven by his vision to make his company the best place to work, to keep producing the best beer in Australia and do more mountain bike riding in the hills around Canberra!

One of the most time consuming things for us is knowing what expertise is available. AusIndustry is helping us sort through all of that.
— Laurence Kain, CEO, Capital Brewing Co