AusIndustry supporting... Stebercraft


Steber International has come a long way in its 7 decades as a powerhouse in marine craft manufacturing. A relocation from Sydney to Taree on the NSW mid-north coast in the 1970’s propelled their status as one of Australia's leading boat-builders, and a strong advocate for regional relocation.

A 2016 business evaluation opened Steber International's eyes to potential new customers in the defence and government sectors.

General Manager Alan Steber's gut feeling told him there had to be a market for a whisper-quiet, stealth-like hybrid marine craft, that could be utilised by border forces or police patrols and made in Australia.

It didn’t take long for AusIndustry's Entrepreneurs’ Programme facilitator, Dave Fleming to recruit several willing, and local, partners to research and design Alan’s dream project.

Using funding from the Innovation Connections service, Steber's capable team of engineers began working alongside Hunter-based electrical design business Ampcontrol, as well as the University of Newcastle.

With AusIndustry's help, the 2 years of committed tinkering paid off. In December 2020, the 22ft test rig was successfully launched on Taree's Manning River.
It was an important milestone for this regional player, and also a proud day for Bruce Steber - the 90-year-old founder of this family-run business, who still pulls a shift at the workshop a few days a week.

We wanted to be able to build the electric motor here, make the equipment here, and do the charging systems here. Be a proud manufacturer.
— Alan Steber, General Manager, Steber International