Defence Industry Advisory and Facilitation Services

Australian businesses can access free advisory and facilitation services to improve their business capabilities, extend networks and take advantage of opportunities in the defence sector.


What do you get?

Up to 10 days of support over 12 months from an expert business adviser or defence facilitator. The service is tailored to your business needs and may include:

  • guidance and mentoring
  • connecting you with relevant Defence capability areas or other businesses
  • a detailed analysis of your business to identify, recommend and prioritise business improvement and skills development opportunities (the recommended actions may be eligible for a Capability Improvement Grant)
  • analysis of defence-specific training needs
  • help to access domestic and global supply chains and export opportunities
  • guidance to understand the defence sector’s supply requirements 
  • help to present your innovative ideas to Defence

Who is this for?

Small to medium sized Australian businesses that have, or are developing, products or services that can be applied to Defence.

How it works

The Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC) has a network of experienced business advisers and facilitators located around Australia. We will assess your application and determine whether to allocate you a facilitator or business adviser.

If you’re allocated a facilitator, they will:

  • contact you to arrange a meeting
  • provide you with up to two days of support over four weeks
  • help you navigate the defence market, including the entry points, procurement processes and relevant Defence capability area.

If you’re allocated a business adviser, they will:

  • contact you to arrange a meeting and undertake an initial analysis of your business within the first month
  • give you an advisory services report within the following 4 months that includes an assessment of your business and recommendations to better position you in the defence industry or your supply chain
  • help you implement their report recommendations in the following 7 months
  • provide you with up to 10 days of support over the course of the advisory service.

After the delivery of a service you may be eligible to apply for a Capability Improvement Grant. You can also apply for further advisory services if needed.


What are the eligibility criteria?

To be eligible you must:

  • have, or be developing, products or services that have a specific defence application
  • require defence-specific support that cannot be provided through other government assistance
  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN)

Your business must be one of the following types:

  • a company incorporated in Australia
  • an incorporated trustee on behalf of a trust
  • a Cooperative Research Centre (CRC)
  • a Defence Future Capability Technology Centre (DFCTC)

You can make a joint application. Eligibility will be assessed on the lead applicant, who must be the main driver of the project.

Who is excluded?

Your business is not eligible to apply if it is:

  • an income tax exempt corporation (with the exception of CRCs and DFCTCs)
  • an individual, partnership or trust (but an incorporated trustee may apply on behalf of a trust)
  • a government agency or body at any level (including government business enterprises)


How to apply

Complete and submit your service application through the online portal. If you’re using the portal for the first time you will need to set up an account.

Apply for an Advisory or Facilitation Service

Make sure you check the eligibility criteria.

What happens after you apply

The CDIC will assign a business adviser or defence facilitator to work with you. They will contact you to arrange a meeting.

Need help?

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