Round 1 – 2020

Applications for round one of the Partnership Grants generated an incredible amount of interest from the careers and education sector, with more than 600 applications received. This interest was significantly higher than anticipated.

Successful grant recipients

Round 1 of the National Careers Institute Partnership Grants provided 13 organisations with funding to deliver innovative career advisory products and services for people at all stages of their careers.
Applicant Project Title Project Description Grant Amount
Co-operative For Aborigines Limited Burawa - The National Indigenous Careers Centre based at Tranby The project will fill the nationwide gap in culturally appropriate career support for Indigenous Australians, including in under-serviced regional and remote areas. $700,000
Work Window Australia Pty Ltd Work Window Virtual Reality Scaleup This project will establish innovative virtual reality career experiences to help students understand and succeed at work. The project will partner with industry-leading employers to create virtual job shadowing using VR. This project will aim to work with schools and universities to help them access better careers information that gives students real insight into different jobs so that they can make the right choices for their future. $533,363
Graduate Careers Australia Limited CAREERS REGISTRATION - Supporting Tertiary Education Career Development This project seeks to strengthen career development in Australian tertiary institutions by promoting, supporting, and evaluating the sector-wide uptake of Careers Registration. $135,710
Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia Queensland Adventures in engineering take science innovation stories into schools This project seeks to increase student interest in science with an innovative proposal to develop real world stories of problems solved by engineers as engaging narratives for primary school aged children (yrs 4 to 6). Based on solutions for real problems (‘What to do when the dam runs dry’), the books propose accessibly written narratives that engage young people with examples of science in action, allow for an understanding of science in the context of potential adult futures, elevate engineering’s public profile and note the way it contributes to society and human well-being -- to attract young people to engineering futures. $54,325
Skillset Limited Skillset CareerLink Central West This project aims to deliver a community based, regional career development service, partnering with RDA Central West that will provide face-to-face guidance, information and support to working age people across the Local Government Authorise of Central West NSW. The service features 3 delivery streams; CareerLink Hub, CareerLink Mobile and CareerLink Community. $599,050
TAFE Queensland Defence to Civilian Transition Training (DCTT) Project This project offers a new way to provide training and career solutions for Australian Defence Force members transitioning to civilian life across Australia. $700,000
National Association of Australian Apprenticeships Centres Inc. PRIME – A linked ecosystem of support for vocational pathways The project will establish an ecosystem of iterative ethical signposting that can begin several years before you leave school, helps guide your career choice thinking and extends beyond school to the Gateway placement service that will get your vocational career started. $328,400
Federation University Australia Careers in everyday industries: Potential benefits of increased visibility This research project will examine career paths in retail, hospitality, and allied industries, and attitudes towards them. The project will examine and make visible the careers that are available, the reasons for the low image of these industries, and will research awareness about careers in the industries among young people, adults, and those who advise them. $151,679
University of Melbourne Developing students’ life and career skills for successful workplace entry This project will develop a portfolio assessment tool for school and VET educators to help them assess young people’s employability skills and develop support materials for teachers to use to build these skills in school and VET classes. It will also work with employers to identify the employability skill requirements for entry-level positions in four industries and map these against the tool. The products from the project will help educators enable young people to build the essential employability capabilities required for successful transition to employment in major industries. $148,290
Community Services Directorate Understanding the Australian Building and Construction Industry This project will pilot a learning program that aligns with the Australian Curriculum and integrates industry perspectives to improve understanding of the building and construction industry for Years 7-8 (Humanities and Social Sciences) and Years 9-10 (Work Studies). Resources will be made available to Australian schools as a product to adapt into existing and future subject delivery.
Increased knowledge and understanding of the role of this industry in Australia’s economy, and the opportunities available, will support more students to consider a career in this industry, in particular young women.
The University of Adelaide CareerSpark The project aims to create a web-based, interactive virtual experience, enabling users to interact with the simulated work environments and workers and get careers advice and information on education pathways into key industry sectors. These include; Aerospace & Space, Shipbuilding & Defence Industries, Cyber & Big Data, and Allied Industries.
The project aims to target year 10 through to 2nd year undergraduate students at University and VET students, users will engage in immersive virtual experiences and kick-start their career journey.
Curtin University National Career Development Learning Hub for students with disability This project proposes to establish the first dedicated national Career Development Learning (CDL) Hub for students with disability. The CDL Hub will create an accessible range of freely available resources and practical examples of programs that address CDL for students with disability across the student lifecycle. The project team will conduct a national audit of existing CDL programs across the educational life cycle; leverage the results of this audit, and outreach evaluation expertise, to identify best practice; and trial a series of pilot studies that build upon this empirical evidence to create case studies foregrounding best practice in the field. $411,656
The Smith Family Inter-Gen Careers Initiative This project will engage secondary students and their parents or carers in a series of tailored activities which incrementally develop career knowledge and skills. The project will draw on The Smith Family’s established family, education, industry and community partnerships to further develop and collaboratively deliver career learning and workplace experience opportunities in 3 geographic regions experiencing socioeconomic disadvantage. Adopting a capacity building approach, the project will also enhance the capabilities of communities, through the development of sustainable networks which include local parents as Career Champions. $694,509