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Helitak FT4500 Black Hawk tank

10 businesses across the emergency management, medtech, boating and clinical governance sectors will share in $3.1 million in funding. The grants have been provided through the Accelerating Commercialisation element of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

One of the recipients, Queensland based Helitak Fire Fighting Equipment was offered funding to commercialise their expandable tank technology that is easily fitted to a helicopter’s underbelly. The company will use the $497,500 funding to take its technology to the next level and secure the intellectual property for the innovation, so the manufacture of component parts can remain in Australia and continue to create jobs.

What projects are being funded?

The latest Accelerating Commercialisation grants will also assist:

  • Neuromersiv Pty Ltd (NSW) with a grant of $231,000 to further develop and bring to Australian and overseas markets its innovative therapy solution for stroke, spinal cord and acquired brain injury patients that uses virtual reality technology to enhance engagement, regain independence and improve quality of life.
  • Hullbot Pty Ltd (NSW) with a grant of $496,375 to complete the development of a solar powered boat hull cleaning robotic vehicle that protects waterways from chemical antifouling paint.
  • Drop Truck Pty Ltd (NSW) with a grant of $150,000 to commercialise an innovative attachment that enables front wheel drive trucks to be lowered to the curb and be raised again to assist with heavier and awkward loads.
  • Kada Services Pty Ltd (NSW) with a grant of $235,631 to conduct trials of a novel product to automate tracking of data for any business that handles complex or large data sets thereby increasing productivity, lowering costs and better addressing risks.
  • Kesem Health Pty Ltd (VIC) with a grant of $175,000 to commercialise in the international market, its iUFlow urine monitoring solution that uses a smart phone to assist in the diagnosis and monitoring of urological conditions.
  • Luboo Pty Ltd (NSW) with a grant of $200,000 to further develop and commercialise its rentable and wearable GPS child tracking device for use at crowded venues.
  • Onevault Enterprises (SA) with a grant of $399,845 to commercialise in Australia and overseas its innovative software platform to manage clinical governance in real time and accreditation in a paper free environment to reduce costs and time for improved patient outcomes.
  • Project Match Australia Pty Ltd (NSW) with a grant of $332,515 to achieve commercial viability and scalability overseas of its MyPass workforce and compliance management system to deliver savings in highly regulated sectors including energy.
  • TDMN Pty Ltd (NSW) with a grant of $370,000 to commercialise its cloud-based smart lock tracking solution that can unlock, secure and track shopping trolleys without the need for coins.

What are the grants for?

The grants help businesses turn good ideas into marketable products through activities such as trials, upscaling and connecting with new markets.

Experienced Commercialisation Advisers work with the businesses through the different stages of their business building process to guide and provide advice.

Since the launch of the Accelerating Commercialisation grants in 2014, 437 grants worth $211 million have been offered to Australian businesses.

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