Navii is a small business training provider specialising in digital and has put together 30 days worth of daily activities for business owners to complete to continue moving forward through 2021 and beyond.

The 30 Day Small Business Health Kick series is designed to give the Australian small business community a boost of motivation and direction for developing their digital capacity and improving their online presence.

The series consists of 30 blog articles with short videos, examples and instructions to help you:

  • improve your presence on social media
  • improve your website
  • assess your competitors and more.

The challenges range from tasks that can be completed in under 3 minutes to longer activities that may require an hour or two of your time, as well as some activities that should be built into your regular digital or marketing schedule.

The 30 Day Small Business Health Kick series is free and there is no registration or login required to access it.

Learn more about the 30 Day Small Business Health Kick series.