As Australia gets closer to our vaccination targets and prepares to bid farewell to recurring lockdowns, you need to consider what steps you will take in order to best manage and market your business in a post-lockdown context. The consumer market has changed and adapting your online marketing will ensure a successful return to operating your business.

Navii has created an online marketing roadmap that outlines 3 key steps small business owners can take over the coming weeks to reignite their operations as efficiently as possible and so they can hit the ground running.

Phase one: Re-evaluate

Phase one is all about strategic planning and re-evaluating your identity as a business, who your customers are and what your opportunities are in a post-lockdown market.

The activities you complete in this step should help to inform the decisions you make as a business owner and guide your plan for the future.

The key actions in this phase are:

  • conduct a competitor analysis
  • do a SWOT analysis
  • create your customer personas
  • work out your brand promise.

Phase two: Re-position

Phase two helps you to tackle your online presence to reflect your business values, serve your customers better and generate more business.

The key actions in this phase are:

  • update your Google My Business listing
  • create an automatic thank you email inviting customers to leave more reviews
  • reply to any past reviews that you haven’t yet responded to
  • create a list of calls-to-action for your marketing channels
  • refresh your Facebook cover image and caption
  • update your Instagram bio and business name.

Phase three: Re-engage

The final phase of preparation is re-engaging your staff and your customers in the post-lockdown context. Your processes and the guidelines that you are permitted to work within may have changed, so you need to consider how you will respond to these changes and how you can communicate effectively with your audience.

Phases one and two lay the groundwork for the communication you will be doing in phase three so it is important that you have worked through that content first.

The key actions for this step are:

  • re-engage your employees
  • re-engage your customers
  • be proactive instead of reactive by preparing for the unknown
  • manage expectations of your customers and staff
  • stay mindful and maintain a mentally healthy workplace.

Working through the phases and staying on top of state guidelines

We recommend allocating one week for each phase to give yourself enough time to complete your priority actions. You can also download the free PDF version which also includes a directory of all the different state and territory guidelines and mandatory requirements including safety plans and contact tracing QR code registration.

Check out the 3 phase post-lockdown online marketing roadmap.