Are you an Australian small or medium sized business that has applied for or is considering applying for a patent? We are seeking your feedback to improve the accessibility of Australia’s patent application system.

What are the aims of the review?

The review aims:

  • to better understand what barriers exist for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) when accessing the patents system
  • to explore what the Australian Government can do to encourage better use of the patent system by Australian SMEs

Why do we need the review?

Australia’s standard patent application system provides Australian businesses (including SMEs) with patent protection in Australia and a route for entry into the international patent system to protect inventions in export markets. Overall, Australia’s patent system is effective.

However, many SMEs find it complex and daunting to navigate. As a result, very few Australian SMEs successfully use the patent system to obtain enforceable IP rights. Compared to other developed nations, Australian use of the patent system is low.

Have your say

Visit our Patents Accessibility Review Consultation Hub and provide your feedback. Participate in this review to help us make it easier for you to navigate and use Australia’s patent application system.

Consultation closes on 31 October 2020.

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