Are you looking to assess and strengthen your business’ cyber security?

Use our free Cyber Security Assessment Tool to see what your business is doing well and what you can do to make it more cyber secure.

How was the cyber security assessment tool developed?

Building on commitments made in the 2020 Cyber Security Strategy the government is continuing efforts to help improve cyber security skills amongst Australian small and medium businesses.

We have created the free Cyber Security Assessment Tool to help you:

  • identify your business' cyber security strengths
  • understand areas where your business can improve
  • learn how to improve your cyber security and where to find help.

How do I use the cyber security assessment tool?

The Cyber Security Assessment Tool will ask you a series of questions about how you currently manage cyber security risks in your business.

Based on your answers, it will determine your current cyber security maturity level and provided you with a list of recommendations and practical actions you can take to improve. You can download the recommendations as a PDF and track your progress by using the tool again after implementing the recommendations.

Are there any upgrades planned for the tool?

New upgrades to the tool will become available in mid-November 2021. The upgrades will provide better support for non-employing businesses to assess their business’s cyber security. Other new features will be announced in November.

Find out how to assess your business with the Cyber Security Assessment Tool.