Are you an Australian researcher working on a science or innovation project that addresses an issue posed by COVID-19? Are you working with a partner based in the Asia-Pacific? You may be eligible to apply for a Regional Collaborations Programme (RCP) COVID-19 digital grant.

What is the purpose of the RCP COVID-19 digital grants?

The RCP COVID-19 digital grants are a funding initiative that is part of the Australian Government's Global Innovation Strategy, under the National Innovation and Science Agenda. Grants of up to $10,000 are available for eligible Australian early- and mid-career researchers who are addressing a challenge posed by COVID-19.

The grants support science and innovation projects where there is collaboration with a partner based in the Asia-Pacific region. The grants will help to fund projects that use digital methods of collaboration to address shared regional challenges that either directly or indirectly relate to the COVID-19 pandemic response and recovery in the Asia-Pacific region.

Over $250,000 in funding is available for digital grants under the RCP, with half being made available for early-career researchers and half being made available for mid-career researchers. The projects are expected to commence after recipients are announced in early 2021 and must conclude by 31 January 2022.

How do I apply for this grant?

Read the Regional Collaborations Programme eligibility criteria, information and instructions

All applications must be submitted online

Application close AEDT 9:00 am Monday 14 December 2020.

Contact information

Grants Administration Officer, International Programs

Australian Academy of Science

Phone: 02 6201 9412