Did you know that a registered trade mark can protect your business from IP theft or misuse? IP Australia are making it easier for small businesses to consider IP protection with a new online tool that offers one simple check and application process for trade marks.

What is a trade mark?

The most common example of a trade mark is a brand name or logo, but it can be any recognisable sign, graphic design, or expression that identifies your business.

Benefits of having a trade mark

A registered trade mark gives you exclusive rights to use, license and sell the mark. This means no one else in Australia can commercially use your trade mark for the same goods or services you have it registered for.

It’s also a valuable marketing tool because the value of your trade mark increases with the success of your business.

How to check the availability and apply for your trade mark

The new Trade mark check tool makes it easier for you to check if a trade mark is available and then apply at the same time.