If you're a business that uses email to manage invoices and payments, you should know about Business Email Compromise (BEC) threat.

BEC occurs when a cybercriminal accesses an email account to steal data, personal and financial information, or commits fraud by impersonating employee or company email accounts for malicious gain.

Cybercriminals take advantage of tax time, trying to scam people into paying money or giving away their private details. So remain vigilant and exercise caution.

To stay ahead of BEC, there are simple things you can do to strengthen your email security:

  • Set secure passphrases for each account.
  • Set-up multi-factor authentication.
  • Exercise caution when opening attachments or links.
  • Think critically before replying to requests for money, or personal information.
  • If you’re a business, establish clear processes for workers to verify and validate requests for payment and sensitive information.