Are you looking to add digital technology to your business, but not sure what to choose? Navii’s Next Best Steps challenge can help you!

What is the Next Best Steps challenge?

Next Best Steps is a free (government subsidised) short online course designed to be completed over 5 days. The course provides you with small but important challenges to complete on each day. Each step will bring you one step closer to digitally transforming your business.

You may learn:

  • what the best online platform is for your website
  • what to include in your website
  • SEO basics
  • how to better engage with customers on social media
  • simple digital tools to organise your back office
  • about smart tools to automate repetitive tasks
  • how to develop your own digital development action plan.

How does the Next Steps Challenge run?

Each day includes a short lesson on one digital element of a small business, such as websites, local search or social media. You will get an action item to help you begin transforming your business.

At the end of the challenge you will complete a survey to determine your business’s priorities. Navii will provide you with a customised next step action plan and a short one-on-one consultation to help you with your digital business goals.

Check out the Next Best Steps challenge.