Major suppliers

Many major defence contractors in Australia are seeking Australian suppliers.

Prime contractors on some major Defence projects use the Industry Capability Network (ICN) Gateway to outline their needs and identify suppliers. If your business is defence-ready and you’re looking to supply to Defence projects, you can register on the ICN Gateway.

State and territory governments

Defence collaborates with state and territory governments to strategically develop Australia’s defence industry. Each state and territory government has an agency or function to facilitate engagement with Defence. Some provide funding for eligible businesses.


Industry events

Defence industry events range from smaller seminars to regional showcases and major Defence-hosted exhibitions and conferences. Some have a specific focus, such as innovation. Industry events are an essential way for you to network with Defence buyers and suppliers, identify trends and opportunities, and market your business.

Major events are listed on our Events page.

Department of Defence

Sometimes businesses want to find the ‘right person’ in the Department of Defence to discuss their products or services. Usually the right person is actually in another business that is already part of a defence supply chain. This is because Defence procures most of its major capabilities through global defence companies, who rely on their extensive supply chains to deliver Defence projects.

If you need to connect with Defence personnel – for example, to understand their requirements and priorities – the best way is at Defence-hosted industry events.

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