The Australian Government is investing in modernising Australia’s defence capability. This investment means opportunities for Australian businesses, large and small, to join the growing Australian defence industry and develop their business in partnership with Defence.

What you need to do

1. Decide if the defence industry is a good fit for your business

You need to assess the alignment between your business’s capabilities, Defence procurement priorities and general market opportunities. Does the defence industry offer opportunities that suit your business? Can your business develop its capabilities to suit the defence industry? Here’s some things you can do straight away:

2. Get defence-ready and identify business development priorities

It can take years to establish your business in defence industry supply chains and procurement panels. Developing the necessary service offer, skills, tools, accreditations and partnerships will take time, planning and investment.

Find out what you need to do to work out which business capabilities you need to improve and where to focus your business development efforts to become defence ready.

3. Connect and build

Defence is more like a marketplace than a single customer. Most of the business opportunities are in the supply chains of major contractors. Joining the defence industry is an opportunity to grow and strengthen your business capabilities to move into new markets with long-term partners.

How we can help

ODIS provides free advisory, guidance and mentoring services to help your business navigate, prepare for and enter the defence market. Our industry engagement specialists can advise on your readiness for defence market opportunities, and connect you with supply chains and innovation opportunities. We can also help with grants to improve your business’s capabilities.

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